Motivating Employee Health Awareness

Objective: The objective was to develop a successful internal marketing campaign for the company’s employee wellness program. Specifically, the goal of the marketing campaign was for 15% of the total employee base to successfully complete two key wellness activities within the first year.

Strategy Execution: The client initially contacted us looking for promotional products they could use as incentives for employees to participate in their new wellness program. The program provided the employee’s an opportunity to earn points that could be used towards potential discounts ranging from $180 – $360 on their insurance premiums at the end of the year. We proceeded to fulfill the request for promotional product ideas but went a step further and proposed that we become a strategic partner in developing a successful marketing campaign to meet their objectives and they welcomed the idea. The most significant contributing factor we offered to the marketing strategy was to help the client discern what success would look like. Working with the client, we helped set up variables and criteria and identified two key components of the program that could be measured for success: 1) employee completion of a 20-minute online wellness assessment and 2) employee completion of a 30-day wellness challenge. In regard to “what success would look like,” it was determined that if 15 percent of the employee base were to complete these two key wellness activities within the first year of the program, the client would considered it a success. We proceeded to work with the client to develop a long-term strategy that included creating various collateral for the launch of the program as well as collateral to promote a wellness fair and announce six monthly challenges. This collateral included unique promotional products as well as posters, flyers and tracking forms that incorporated the AHMSI Health logo and slogan “It’s all about you!” We developed the digital print ready files for the posters, flyers and tracking forms so that the client could either upload to their intranet or print onsite as needed. Part of the marketing strategy was to consistently keep reminders of the program within the day-to-day work environments to keep employees engaged. Posters and flyers were created and strategically posted in the break rooms and throughout the facilities. The first challenge was to deploy the program without the online wellness site and we provided the solution of a digital tracking form so employees could immediately begin to keep up with their points. When the online wellness tool went live, to assist in the communication strategy, we provided a clear acrylic double-wall construction Spirit travel tumbler with a matching threaded lid and straw. In the tumbler was a custom printed insert with information and directions for the employees about the online tool. Additional promotional products used in the marketing campaign are listed below. Grocery Tote Bags and Neon Pens were handed out during the Wellness Fair. Ottoman Textured Polo Shirts were given to Wellness Coordinators to show them appreciation for volunteering and to acknowledge them among their peers. Challenge Incentives included various promotional products given to participants that successfully completed a 30-day challenge. Hats were given to participants that completed the Chill Out Challenge that focused on behaviors to help manage stress. Mouse Pads were given out to participants that completed the Step It Up Challenge that encouraged walking to get active based on total steps and minutes of activity. Lunch Coolers were given out to the participants that completed the Maintain Don’t Gain Challenge encouraging healthy behaviors that support weight management. Balmain Courbe Twist Pens were given out to the participants that completed the Healthy Snacks Challenge focused on the importance of consuming healthy snacks.

Results: The marketing plan was a huge success! AHMSI met its wellness goal just three months after the campaign was launched. And six months after it was launched, 70% of the corporate population was participating with more than 40 percent having met the wellness criteria. The total spend of $43,950 was well within their budget of $48,000. Pure Wellness, the company that provided their on-line wellness tool, expressed that they had never seen results like this and asked the client to do online webinars for their other clients on how to promote a wellness program.

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