How to motivate consumers with premiums

Here’s a 2009 promotion that won PetSmart Charities an international award based upon creativity, impact and the results they achieved.

Objective of promotion: PetSmart wanted to raise donations to save the lives of homeless pets in the United States and Canada. They chose to create custom ornaments to encourage pet owners to make larger donations during the holiday season.

The dog and cat ornaments were designed with a holiday theme. The cat and dog designs promoted the idea of receiving a puppy or kitten for the Holiday. The ornaments were dated and each store was supplied with a limited quantity which made them collectable. The ornaments were featured on a custom display that resembled a brick fireplace with fire. All of the proceeds from the sale of the ornaments helped save the lives of homeless pets.

Results: The promotion increased the donations by 15% and resulted in over $200,000 in sales and 84% in overall sales. Customers appreciated the promotion because the purchase allowed them to save the lives of homeless animals.

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