Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Gift Planning

The holiday season is still far away… there’s no reason to start planning for it now, right? Wrong! The holidays are a stressful and busy time for many, and employers may find it hard to think of thoughtful, creative gifts to share with employees and clients in the midst of finding gifts for their own friends and families. Take advantage of getting a head start on finding truly memorable AND affordable gifts for those important to you and your business by keeping these suggestions in mind:Consider Token Gifts. Inexpensive but useful gifts can be great for both customers and employees. Whether you choose a branded insulated travel mug, a chrome pen or a tote bag, these simple yet useful gifts are cost-effective enough to give to everyone.

Food is Always Appreciated. Who doesn’t love cookies or popcorn tins? Food gifts are usually low-cost and are often greatly appreciated. Bring treats in to your clients’ or employees’ offices around the holidays and use the visit as an opportunity to reconnect with them and offer your gratitude for their hard work and loyalty. However, whatever you do, avoid the fruitcake. Click here to read more.

Contact Bob Kolar today to discover how Proforma SuperCenter can help you get a head start on holiday gift planning for Proforma SuperCenter! View our catalog for more ideas and inspiration.

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I work as a promotional marketing consultant at PromoSuperCenter and live in Las Vegas, Nevada, but I'm really a frustrated artist who loves the creative and graphic art opportunities that I find available working with clients. I look forward to projects where I can add value with incredible design and unique marketing ideas.
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