How to promote your business with music download cards

Pioneer drove event traffic with this music download “mystery” promotion

Music download cardsObjective – Pioneer wanted to generate buzz for their new GPS accessory with summer event  and festival attendees at Pioneer’s event tent – where cars and trucks featuring new GPS units were on display.

Solution – Offer “mystery” music download cards containing up to 5 free music downloads.

The promotion – During summer festival season, Pioneer handed out 200,000 music download mystery cards to festival attendees. Each card contained 1, 2, or 5 FREE music downloads. The song value on each card was revealed only after recipients completed a quick online survey. Extensive signage at each event invited attendees to stop by the Pioneer display tent to receive up to 5 FREE Music Downloads. The promotion was also marketed via radio and print advertising.

Cardholders were directed to the Pioneer designated URL (on card back) where they could learn about various Pioneer GPS units. A link on the Web site directed cardholders to a custom survey. Upon completion, cardholders were automatically connected to the music store where they discovered the value of their music code and could redeem free songs.

Results – Heavy event traffic, combined with the ability to capture survey data, resulted in a successful promotion.

Pioneer choose to use the music download cards because they were (1) Light weight – minimized shipping costs and storage, easy to distribute, easy for attendees to take home. (2) The custom card and website reinforced their brand image. (3) The survey provided valuable customer demographics and purchase motivations.

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