Charity Can Strengthen Your Business; Here’s How!

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The motivation to participate in charitable work derives from our desire to help others.  It’s a perfect opportunity to feel great and pay it forward.  Doing charitable work can help strengthen your business in several ways:

  • Getting involved with charity gets your name and your business name out in the community.
  • The partnership creates goodwill for you and goodwill for the profession as a whole.
  • It builds a stronger community, which means a stronger business for you.
  • Participation in charity efforts help you introduce your business to a new market not otherwise targeted.
  • Charitable events and promotions enhance customer loyalty and increase brand awareness.
  • All of the additional exposure can help increase your sales.

Not sure where to start?  You don’t always have to pick charities that are the most popular.  Start by asking yourself what charities make the most sense for your business, which charities can be viewed as a partnership with your business and which charities support issues that are important to you.

Next, check to ensure your choice is a legitimate organization by visiting Charity Navigator.  Once you’ve identified what charity you would like to be involved with, start promoting your efforts!  Press releases, social media activity and direct mail and office promotions will help spread the word.  Inform your employees and your customers of your participation and consider donating a percentage of your sales to the cause.  People take pride in a business that gives back to the community and are more likely to spread the word to business associates and friends.

As you put your business plan together each year, strive to include charitable involvement quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  Incorporating charity into your business strategy simply makes good business sense.


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