5 Helpful Tips for Building a Relationship with New Clients

If you asked a hundred sales people their best tips on closing a sale, you will invariably get a plethora of different responses. The truth is there are a lot of different sales techniques and styles. Often the inability to get a sale is merely a symptom. The potential client appreciates the presentation and marketing materials, but they are simply not willing to make a change now. The more you push for the sale with certain prospects, the more they will want to shut you down. Instead of focusing on the sale, shift your focus to the front end of the sales cycle. Before you know it, the client may be asking you when they can get started! Here are 5 helpful tips focused on building a more authentic relationship with new potential clients.

1.    Focus on relieving the Customer’s Issue. Make sure you let the customer know the value of what you are proposing. This would include key drivers such as reduced costs and improved efficiency. It’s important to take time and understand the customer’s pain point. A good way to start the conversation is to focus on what metrics the client is looking to improve or what it the greatest problem they are looking to solve.  Once you understand the issue, you can tailor presentation on how to solve this issue.

2.    Make a Connection. Share examples of some of your customer’s successes. Tell the story of how they were doing things before, the challenges they faced, and the results they have achieved since they started working with you. It’s important to get the clients feedback.

3.    Build a Relationship. Next time you are meeting with a client, try taking them out to lunch. It’s tough to build a friendship when you are in their office trying to close the deal. Getting them away from the office will help them put their guard down. I like the tip of sending an article on something they may be interested in. This approach may take a little more time and money, but the resulting business relationship could be well worth the investment.

4.    Prepare to Ask for the Business. You have developed a great relationship and put in all the work. It’s important to bring the contract and necessary paperwork. You need to be prepared, ask the question and give over the contract to close the deal.

5.    Ask for a Referral. If you have done a great job for your customers, ask if they would be willing to connect your product or service with other potential clients. This is an important way to get new business and will increase your chance of closing new sales. As you continue to do this, more business will come your way.

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