How to motivate your employees with promotional products

3M of Austin won an award for this promotion using t-shirts and other promotional products to motivate and educate their employees.

Objective of promotion: 3M wanted to educate their employees about a new telephone system and encourage proper telephone skills.

Execution The promotion was titled “Talk Smart. Success Is On The Line” and featured an Albert Einstein impersonator handing out Einstein face masks imprinted with “You Don’t Have To Be An Einstein to Operate 3M’s telephone system.” A custom postcard was distributed monthly with information on specific system features and telephone etiquette. To follow up the cards, a question was asked via voice mail. The first 20 employees responding with the correct answer won a custom promotional prize. For example, lip balm was given as a prize for the postcard reading “Blah, blah, blah, blah…Lip Service.” Other promotional prizes included yo-yos, magnets, bentcils, and T-shirts. Imprinted golf shirts were given to VIP’s and upper management . At seminars, a “Talk Smart Jeopardy” game was introduced. Participants would  win “Talk Smart” money for correct answers. The “Talk Smart” money was used to purchase Smart Talk prizes.

Results: Sharp increase in Training class attendance. Training motivated employees  to respond more quickly to voice mail questions.

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