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6 Steps to Getting Organized for Under $15

There is no one sure-fire method for getting and staying organized. Each person needs to find his or her own system that works within his or her comfort levels, job responsibilities and work environment. With that in mind, do you … Continue reading

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Kooler Bag Promotion

Industry: Restaurant Supplies Use: Company picnic every year for employees and their families.  Each year they give their employees a nice gift in the $10 range.  This year they chose our 3501 Dual Compartment Kooler Bag due to the roomy size of … Continue reading

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Insurance Industry Promotional Ideas

Use: Insurance is a product/Service that most end users or targets do not like to talk about. It is a necessary evil for most people. To most people this means that they need to spend money for insurance on what … Continue reading

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The Holiday Product Push

There is nothing worse than walking into your local department store in July wanting to purchase your country’s flag, and instead you find yourself surrounded by jack-o’-lanterns. And don’t get me started on Christmas trees lining the aisles in September. … Continue reading

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